The 2017-2019 Virginia Board of Workforce Development Strategic Plan, Building a Workforce System that Works for Virginia, represents a two-year strategy to accelerate the transformation of the workforce system in Virginia, prepare people for work, and help businesses fill openings.

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Public Comment Request: WIOA Title I Waivers

The Governor of Virginia may request waivers of certain statutory or regulatory requirements of WIOA Title I or the Wagner Peyser Act. The WIOA Title I Administrator received two waiver requests and they were submitted for review at the November 2018 Virginia Board of Workforce Development (VBWD) meeting in accordance to VBWD Policy 100-03: Process of Submission of a Waiver Request to the U.S. Department of Labor. The following are the two waivers under review and recommendation to the Governor:

In accordance to VBWD Policy 100-03, the VBWD shall provide a public comment period for Elected Officials and the public at-large to review the waiver requests and provide comments. The public comment period for the two waivers stated above will occur December 17, 2018 until January 25, 2018.

If you have a public comment, please email them to

For your comment to be considered, please state the following in your email:

  • The Name of the Waiver
  • Page or Section of the Waiver that your comment references
  • Comment or Feedback
  • Your Name

Virginia’s Combined State Plan for WIOA in accordance with the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

This document is a 4-year strategic and operational plan for 15 federally-funded programs that are a part of the workforce development system in Virginia. This plan is required to be submitted to the US Departments of Labor and Education under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. Development of this plan is a required function of the Virginia Board of Workforce Development and the Governor must approve the plan prior to submission.

The US Departments of Labor, Education, and Health and Human Services jointly published guidance on the required contents of the state plan. The format follows a list of specific questions that must be addressed which was previously published in the Federal Register.

The development of this plan was a collaborative effort of local and state partners committed to excellence in serving the citizens of Virginia coordinated by staff at the Virginia Board of Workforce Development. Completion of this plan is due to the hard work of the Virginia Community College System, the Virginia Employment Commission, the Virginia Department of Education – Adult Basic Education and Literacy & Career and Technical Education, the Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services, the Department for the Blind and Vision Impaired, the Virginia Department of Social Services, and the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry. Special recognition goes to the Virginia Economic Development Partnership, whose staff provided a vital perspective during our planning retreat.



Virginia Board of Workforce Development 2017 Annual Report



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Mapping the Virginia Workforce System: A Status Report on Workforce Programs in the Commonwealth

The Virginia Workforce System Summary report was created to align with requirements in Virginia state legislations HB2154 and SB1177. The research was performed and compiled by a team from the L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Workforce Policy at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Download System Summary Report

Virginia Workforce Development Overview

Approved by the Virginia Workforce Council in 2013, the The Virginia Workforce Development Overview is a product of the Mapping the Virginia Workforce System: A Status Report on Workforce Programs in the Commonwealth study done by Virginia Commonwealth University. This full color brochure is graphical breakdown of the twenty four programs within the workforce system and the participants those programs serve.

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