• allevi rich
    Rich Allevi
    Co-Founder & Vice President of Development, Sun Tribe Solar
  • bahouth john
    John Bahouth
    Executive Vice President of Administration, Apex Clean Energy
  • George Barker Headshot
    George Barker
    Senator, Senate of Virginia
  • Hobey Bauhan Headshot
    Hobart “Hobey” Bauhan
    Chair, Performance Committee
    President, Virginia Poultry Federation
  • Xavier Beale Headshot
    Xavier Beale, Vice-Chair
    Vice-Chair, VBWD
    Chair, Access & Equity
    Vice President of Trades, Newport News Shipbuilding
  • Lynne Bushey Headshot
    Lynne Bushey
    CEO, En Route Consulting, LLC
  • Terrance Cole
    Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security
  • Craig Crenshaw
    Secretary of Veterans and Defense Affairs, Office of the Governor
  • Doris Crouse-Mays Headshot
    Doris Crouse-Mays
    President, Virginia AFL-CIO
  • Demeria Robby
    Robby Demeria
    Chief of Staff, Phlow
  • David Dore
    Chancellor, VCCS
  • Mark Dreyfus Headshot
    Mark Dreyfus
    President, ECPI University
  • Barry DuVal Headshot
    Barry DuVal
    President, The Virginia Chamber of Commerce
  • fairchild tierney
    Tierney Fairchild
    Co-Founder & Executive Director, Resilience Education
  • Cindy Free
    Industrial Rehab Coordinator, Atlantic Orthopaedic Specialists Physical Therapy
  • Andrew Glowatsky
    Dir. of Reliability and Supply Chain operations, Church and Dwight Co., Inc.
  • James Gray Headshot
    James Gray
    Vice Chair, Access and Equity
    Councilman, City of Hampton
  • Aimee Rogstad Guidera
    Secretary of Education, Office of the Governor
  • Don Haller
  • Deborah Harvey
    Executive Director, Heavy Construction Contractors Association
  • hatch richard
    Richard Hatch
    CWA Staff Representative, Communication Workers of America
  • Hugh Joyce
    President, James River Air Conditioning Company, Inc.
  • Kunal Kumar
    President, Pooja Group, Inc.
  • John Littel
    Secretary of Health & Human Resources, Office of the Governor
  • Nat Marshall Headshot
    Nat Marshall
    Sr. Human Resource Specialist, BWX Technologies
  • Jeremy McPike Headshot
    Jeremy McPike
    Senator, Senate of Virginia
  • Caren Merrick
    Secretary of Commerce and Trade, Office of the Governor
  • Rick Mitchell
    Commissioner of DBVI
  • Jim Monroe Headshot
    Jim Monroe, Chair
    Chair, VBWD
    Global VP of Customer Success, Cisco AppDynamics
  • Lara Overy
    Commissioner of Revenue, City of Williamsburg
  • Jason Parker
    President, VA Building Trades
  • rice antonio
    Antonio Rice
    President & CEO, Jobs for Virginia Graduates, Inc.
  • Anne Schlussler Headshot
    Anne Schlussler
    Founding Partner, Clarity Technology Partners
  • Francisco Semiao
    Director of Regulatory Affairs, MedStar Health
  • Padmanabhan Seshaiyer
    Professor and Director, George Mason University
  • Yolanda Shields
    Founder, Yesbuilds; Adjunct Faculty, Shenandoah University
  • George “Bryan” Slater
    Secretary of Labor, Office of the Governor
  • John David Smith Jr. Headshot
    John David Smith, Jr.
    Chair, Operations
    Owner, Water Street Kitchen
  • Cheryl Spraberry
    President, Advanced Integrated Technologies & Surge Force
  • Travis Staton Headshot
    Travis Staton
    President and CEO, United Way of Southwest Virginia
  • Zuzana Steen Headshot
    Zuzana Steen
    Director, Academic and Community Relations
    Site Leadership Team Member
    Micron Technology Virginia, Inc.
  • Brett Vassey Headshot
    Brett Vassey
    President and CEO, Virginia Manufacturer's Association
  • Wendell Walker
    Delegate, Virginia House of Delegates
  • welch louise
    Louise Welch
    Director, Head of Talent, Amazon
    Chair, Business Engagement


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